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Friday, June 22, 2007

In those moments....

You know those moments when you just stop and pause and realize life is good. It could be the encouragement of a friend, a smile from a spouse, an experience that seems life altering and it could be just an average day that seems to be just a little more fun than normal.

I have been walking through the life of Christ through the 3 personal gospel accounts of Jesus (matthew, mark, john). As i have been reading and seeing how life with Jesus was i have continued to come across 2 main thoughts. 1- Jesus really broke a mold/style of thinking with his life and his understanding of the truth of God. 2- Jesus had fun with people and enjoyed thier presence.

I wonder if we get to busy with "us & our day" that we don't just enjoy life with people. Our family, friends, strangers & neighbors seem to get our "life scraps" at times because we are so concerned about us and what we need to do. I have been challenged a lot lately by this understanding of Jesus and i have enjoyed the changes i have been forced to make.

1- When i see a neighbor don't just wave but actually offer conversation
2- When my wife is talking, even if it is just rambling, put down what i am doing and look at her while she shares
3- When my boys are rambunctious and distracting, pause what i am doing and enjoy the moment because it will never happen again
4- When a stranger is in a place where i can engage with them, take advantage of the opportunity. Who knows what life message i can breathe into them

For me to live as a follower of Christ, I must decrease as who He is increases. John 3:30

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