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Wednesday, January 03, 2007

So in love....

So i don't have an issue with new years resolution as long as you keep them.

This year here are my top 5 new years resolution.

Keep my 5-15-5 rule in play for my family
Spend 1 night a week with my wife
Make sure my boys enjoy life to the fullest with dad
Loose some weight (about 35lbs)
Grow as a follower of Christ

I know, I know profound resolutions....but hey they worked last year so they will work again this year. Why? cause i refuse to set a goal & not see it through

And tonight my wife & I started our 1 night a week time. We will spend time talking, sharing hurts & joys & going through a small group video series called LOVE TALK. Drs. Les & Leslie Parrot put this out & i love these guys. I have a BS in Psychology (ok so 2 classes shy but it is legit) & the material they have for families & couples is great.

I love my wife!

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