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Thursday, January 11, 2007

Life on the Flip Side

Ok so you know the moments in life where you keep saying "if only this would happen and things will be ok".

Yeah, the wishful thinking times in life.

Well i wonder what those moments look like to God. Here is what i think they look like "ah yeah, remember i am still in control & i am letting this happen to you for a reason. get over it, stop wishful thinking & live life"

i am pretty sure that God enjoys us living in the moment & not the unreal thoughts of "what-if".

so what am i thinking about...this past year.

What if certain things went the way they were supposed to?
What if my brother did not die?
What if my grandma did not get cancer?
What if a door we thought God had open for us stayed open?
What if ......

What if i lived each day, with passion & purpose for the kingdom?
What if i acted in each moment offered to honor Christ & expand his kingdom?

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