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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Life & Memories

Last night my grandma died. 5 simple words that have altered my life forever. You see she was not just a grandma, but a very significant part of who i am today. She was strong willed woman who loved life & loved family. She even loved me so much to punch me, knock me out cold for swearing when i was around 10-11. She also was the one to make sure i got to football & baseball practices & games when my mom was working two jobs. She was the one who slipped me $20 extra bucks on the weekend to go out. Or help pay for a new glove for baseball season. She was the one who made the best corn bread & northern bean soup. She also spoke her mind & boy oh boy you better have listened. She saw life through the eyes of someone who always wanted her kids & grand kids to experience more.

She fought cancer for 12 weeks & lost. But her life will never be forgotten nor will what she did never be minimized. She was a joy to be around, a kick to watch football with, she had a hug & kiss that warmed a heart. She had a sweet smile & clear blue eyes that saw right through you. She had a laugh that she only used when something was truly funny.

I am not just missing a grandma, but a woman who gave so much love to me & my family. I am glad her great grand kids got to see her & she got to smile at the craziness they create.

With the fondest memories & a big heartache i will say goodbye one last time until the day we meet "where the streets have no name".


Big Eric said...

Hey danny...... I'm really sorry about your grandma. I know how close you guys must have been, because ever since I can remember, you've been telling us stories about her at youth group. I just wanted to let you know I'm praying for you.....

dennis said...

Sorry to hear this, too. Sounds like she was a great woman. Thanks for sharing her story with us.