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Monday, January 01, 2007

And We're Back

ok so for the past 2 weeks i have not posted do to business of travel, enjoying time with family & planning new year eve treasure hunt. So much has happened here is my condensed version...

1- went to colorado for Christmas. 4 feet of snow in my mom's back yard!!! boys loved it, made their first snow man & we had a great Christmas. (pics to come later as we have not downloaded them yet...)

2- almost got stuck due to 2nd storm going through colorad on the way back to california. I officially hate john wayne airport. both going to colorado & returning our baggage was delayed & the set up of the airport stinks. 1st time ever, EVER, have i had trouble with baggage or flying. No more OC airport for us.

3- my grandma is doing ok...for now. She starts chemo this week. We don't know how much it will help.

4- New Years eve treasure hunt was planned & worked well. We had a 3 team tie for first going into the final clues & one team read a clue wrong & gave up their lead to allow Christ & Emily to score the 200 cash prize!!! (pics & more story to come as soon as we download pics...hopefully later today)

5- I am going off 3 hours of sleep right now enjoying one of the greatest days of college football. After cleanup we had about 2 hours of prayer & then i had to walk home with a blister on each foot & a pulled hamstring from the night. So... that is the wrap up.

There were many great stories & events....but seems really pointless to post them now after the fact. But then again i may still post some

cheers & happy new year

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