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Monday, December 04, 2006


so our church is hosting PILLAR tonight & I think they don't know what they got themselves into. I mean 80% of church is over 35 & still think beach boys is a rockin band.

So myself & our interns took a betting line to see what will get broke & what the overall damage will be when all is said & done.

I love pillar & think this is a great bridge night for our community...

will blog later about the results!


Dez said...

I'm bummed I wasn't there.

I wasn't able to get off work untill 4, n it's a 2 hour drive without traffic....lameness!!!!

I bet it was awesome!


The Champion's said...

Danny, Danny, I am over 35 and never thought the Beach Boys were a rockin' band. Actually the over 35 crowd was part of the true 70's culture of Rock and Roll. You know you really should not put people in a box by age. I think there were a lot of people there that were not teenagers who totally enjoyed the concert.
~ Dawn