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Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Coffee & Conversation

So tonight after a little dinner with the family i ran out with a student of mine. He has been in our high school ministry for 4 years. Is a student leader, loves God & has a severe cancer.

It is his Senior year, his dad has battled a brain tumor & cancer in his hip & Chris has a severe bone cancer in his thigh & been doing chemo for 6 weeks now. After Christmas he has a femur replacement surgery scheduled.

We went out for coffee to just talk. Nothing new for us, we can talk forever. I remember when Chris first came to the church. The family moved from QUATAR in the middle east. He was a quiet kid, reserved, but i have always enjoyed his company.

I have seen this student grow from that quiet freshman to an outspoken, passionate about the things of God leader. He is handling all life is giving him in stride & he has continued to be a source of faith builder for me.

I see him & i see a man of faith. I see someone that wants God to use even this severe thing in his life as a way to honor God. We laughed, caught up on some old news, tried to think about some changes for the student ministry & even had some funny bits along the way.

All in all tonight i sat down with a man of God that encouraged me more than i think i encouraged him....

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