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Friday, November 03, 2006

Cody Turned 4

So my little boy is now becoming a big boy!

For his birthday he wanted to go to the beach & dig for treasure in the sand. So we drove to Morro Bay for a picnic lunch. Great spot with a great day. Nice area to eat & relax. Then drove on to PISMO beach for some fun in the water & sand. Cody decided that despite wearing pants & a sweatshirt that he wanted to go swimming. Well then his little brother wanted to go to & mom was all for it. So the dog & I chilled in the chair and I loved every minute watching them run in & out of the water.
The only treasure we found was this huge sea shell the size of my two fist put together. So my son was stoked!!!

Lately, I have rarely felt those moments of complete peace & enjoying the presence of God in life. This was one of those moments.
Here are some pics below

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