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Thursday, November 16, 2006


Here is the add on to the list for December 25th

First listing
$ for 3 new tattoos
Mac Laptop (G4 + lots of toys to add)
Grey NFL shop sweatshirt hoodie, Denver broncos

Second Listing
80G Video Ipod
American Eagle Gift Cards
Starbucks Gift Cards
Itunes Gift Cards
Bose Home Theatre 3-2-1 DVD system w/ surround sound
XBOX 360- (with wireless controllers)

Third Listing
GYM membership
Tickets to a NFL playoff game
Tickets to NHL game 10 rows off the ice
Gift Card for XBOX 360 games after i get the XBOX
Disneyland passes for family & 4 day weekend get away
10 day vacation for just Kim & I to East Coast or London
DJ Williams authentic replica jersey size 52 (Orange or white)
Oklahoma Sooners (red), Notre Dame (green) & Michigan (white) authentic jersey size 52

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