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Friday, November 03, 2006

Book Work Excerpt

Here is a little segment from the book writing adventure i have started....

One day our first born was crying around 7am. It was a Saturday
morning. The Friday night prior we were up late watching a movie and we were both just wiped. My wife was out. I don’t think an earthquake would’ve waken her. I rolled out of bed, staggered to his room, picked him up only to find a readjusted diaper, a wet blanket & the smell of a locker room in the air. I caressed his head, picked him up & cradled him over to the changing table. I proceeded to move accordingly as I had a fool proof system. Stick the pacifier in his mouth, removed diaper & quickly wipe & add new diaper all in one motion as the air sensitivity to release the water seal in his plumbing system would always spark a fountain of fluid that was never dodgable.

I wrapped him in a new blanket; meandered downstairs and sat in “the chair” with him, his milk & a glass for me (I prefer the bovine kind).

It is in that moment that I felt more alive than ever before. I hold in my arms life. Every breath although faint & quiet, every movement, every noise & every shared look of interest screamed quietly—I AM ALIVE!

It is funny, it all started with a cry. His cry declared to the world I am still alive after a night of sleep.

His cry said he needed some help.

His cry said life was uncomfortable at the moment.

His cry begged for comfort & relief from his current situation.

His cry was what got my attention.

What about our cries.

What do they communicate?

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