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Wednesday, October 11, 2006

War & Marriages

Just read this article on MSN and really reminded of the affects absent fathers have on thier marriages & children. Pray for them & stand in to help those families around you that have someone away at war. Their sacrifices give us a lot. As the church we need to help...

An exerpt with link below:
Oct. 10, 2006 - The first year of the deployment was bearable, at least. Capt. Brad Velotta and his wife, Jodi, made it through by talking almost daily by phone and by e-mail. She shared photos of their fast-growing brood by email, and he kept his men alive in Iraq. But since August, when Brad's Blackhawk company and the rest of the 4-23 were redeployed to the heart of Baghdad, the couple has grown more distant, like two planets spinning farther away from each other. "This is just starting to get old for all of us. The phone calls are getting stale," Jodi said in an interview. "Everything is getting frustrating; you don't know if you are saying the right things."

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