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Friday, October 20, 2006

Walking by faith & really wanting sight

Lately my life seems to be be wrapped up in some very serious wainings of my heart as well as some serious concerns for the future.

My heart seems to be heavy today. I have a lot going on inside of me & my heart. Prayer is the greatest vocalization of i have right now about this, but am not hearing God confirm anything but this -- "keep trusting me!"

You know those moments in life when you know something is going to happen and yet you can't see them, don't know when or how, but know that something big is going to happen? Yeh, that is me right now.

I have been resting on many of Christ's encouragement to his disciples. I have been wanting to rest in God's control on all of this, but i also know there is a prompting & prodding in me to act & act in faith with taking a leap.

In these days is when i enjoy my relationship with God the most. When i feel not in control, when i feel like i am wandering in a desert, when i feel that if i stray from God i will be miserable because i will be trying to do it on my own and creating more of a chaos moment than what is already here.

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