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Sunday, October 22, 2006


So today i fell a little more in love with my wife.
Nothing major she did or does except just be her. She has this quiet humor about her, that is until she lets it out.

We enjoyed some nice conversations throughout the day, some bits of humor & a really nice movie. The Lake House with Keanu Reeves & Sandra Bullock. A really great movie about love, patience, joy & romance.

To not give too much away if you have not seen it the story line really did a reflection for me of my wife & I & our relationship. A relationship that really has gone & can go through anything in life. We are two people committed to love & waiting on and for each other. Not waiting like at a restaraunt but waiting like we would do anything for the other to completely support them.

My wife is often my biggest & only avenue of encouragement on my tough days. She is the only that can read me without me really doing/saying anything. She can also ease pain & heartache with a simple smile. She has knows how to surprise me very very well.

I find romance in our marriage to be a great reflection of God's creativity. A glimpse of eden & what life "with God" was really like for adam & eve. I also see a snapshot of God's heart for us. In those moments where we would rather be with nobody else or anywhere else than with each other. Or in those moments our hearts echo the cheesy movie lines of the ages is where we can relate to God's passion for his children. To understand how we can be the bride of Christ. John 17 & Christ's prayer for Israel and ultimately us is evident to me by the joy & love we share together.

I feel like a sap right now, but hey I am in love what can i say!

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Verna said...


Thank you for loving Kim and being her best friend and also the best husband and father! We appreciate you so much! You're the best!

May God continue to watch over you, Kim and the boys as you seek His perfect will for your lives and as you serve Him together!

Much love and lots of prayer,

Mom B.