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Thursday, October 05, 2006

Like a Child

So a contemplation i have been having has been is how much my kids are made in the image of God.

Here is where i see God in them...

Laughter- the ability to enjoy life for the sake of nothing and being able to smile and laugh

Mercy/compassion- a real sense of love, pain, sorrow & joy for the world and people around them

Love- a genuine love for family & friends. Speaking & showing it on thier own

Guilt- a sense of knowing when they did something wrong and wanting to not do it again

There is more, but in all this it has been a challenge. Even a Holy Spirit confrontation in my life on areas i need to rethink, review & release so my faith, actions, emotions, physical & spiritual sense of who God is, how He works, where He is taking me (Ps 37:4-5, Is 48:17) & how my life can Glorify Him.

I believe when Jesus challenged his disciples to love those around them, live life like a child in faith & hope & love it was really a challenge to let the inner design of God out of the box it had been crammed into through the "grow up" phases.

It was to return to what their hearts desire is--freedom. Freedom in feelings, actions & life. Freedom to choose life & embrace it.

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