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Saturday, October 07, 2006

Friday Night Lights

So tonight i took my two boys to the local high school football game. I don't know about you but grabbing a stroller, 2 kids and a couple baggies of cheerios doesn't really spell cool person to me. But it is funny how many students that are part of our student ministry or been around on some level say hi to the nerdy guy pushing the stroller.

But here is the thing i love the most. I got to sit with my two boys & talk football. Both of them ask a bunch of questions and the famous one is "why" so it has begun. Dad imparting his football knowledge down to his two sons. I never really had that growing up cause i didn't have a dad around. So to be able to have a guys night out, talk football, laugh and even smile at how cool my two sons are is really worth the NERD label stamped on my forhead. Besides can you really be a nerd when you have a sweet HURLEY INT sweatshirt on????

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