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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Spiritual Sucker Punch

So lately colossians as been a book i have been wrestling with. I have been reading both the message and NIV. End of Chp 1 Paul shares that the mature christian life is really basic. Christ is the message and Christ alone, to mature we must understand the basic.

It seems simple but lately my mind & heart have been so focussed on the external doing of ministry and "creating" disciples than really allowing the supremacy (bigness & control) of Christ to be in charge in my life & ministry.

the heart of the matter is that we would embrace the living and active Christ and allow our lives to follow the example.

A theme for ministry this year seems to be "is it worth it?". Is this relationship with Jesus Christ worth the time, energy, misunderstanding, confusion, heart aches, and everything else. I believe that for a living community of followers of Jesus Christ we must be able to look at the bigger picture of life and our impact and remind ourselves of the small moments jesus took with people. To be a breathe of life into their lives in the way THEY need it, not how we think they should live...

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