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Wednesday, June 28, 2006

A life worth living

It is funny how often life seems to pass by and we really don't attempt to enjoy the most of it. I really believe that with everything that we, friends, students, $, strangers, desires, wants & the list goes on & on that we sometimes miscue what is worth living for and what is not.

Look at Superman, the dude is dressed in tights under a business suite and yet still finds time & joy in stripping quickly and saving people, but hiding himself from people and his love

Look at scooby doo, the greatest assitant detective ever, but is more preoccupied with food than finding the bad guy.

Look at us, we get caught up in the stuff and things than remembering we are here to assist in builidng and expanding the kingdom.

Peace out all, just some thoughts as i go off to slumber land as 5 nights of 4hrs of sleep as finally caught up to me
Good Night & Good Luck

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